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Susan raihofer


Susan Raihofer has been an agent at the David Black Agency since 1993 and focuses on commercial fiction and non-fiction, including memoir, pop-culture, music, inspirational; as well as thrillers and a selective amount of literary fiction. Her pop sensibility and literary heart meld together to develop projects that will entertain, move and inspire: projects with a soul and an edge. (She seeks quality writing but something more than two people will want to read) . For fun, she might read Siddhartha or Keith Richards’ memoir.


Over her years at the agency, Susan has handled everything from first serial, audio, foreign rights, editorial (she even recalls those dark years when she handled book-keeping as well). She has excellent relationships with film agents and publishers throughout the world. In nearly two decades as an agent, Susan has formed solid partnerships throughout the business to help build brands in traditional and new media.


Described as tenacious and passionate, Susan represents projects she cares deeply about and has faith in; authors she can build long-term relationships with. She hasn’t lost the personal touch and brings her personal and professional commitment to everything she tackles. Her mantra: Anything is possible.

Susan is currently not accepting unsolicited queries.

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