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Anna Zinchuk


Anna joined the team at DBA in spring of 2022 to assist David Black. She holds a BA degree in Film Studies from the University of Iowa, and prior to joining DBA she worked as a project editor for a college-level publisher.


Anna is interested in a wide array of fiction, and is particularly passionate about stories that explore human complexity, with themes like mortality, grief, and loss, especially stories in which the ending is melancholic or ambiguous.


In literary fiction, her preferences lean towards coming-of-age narratives and contemplative stories. In the realm of genre fiction, she's captivated by the allure of fantasy and magical realism, with a healthy touch of romance. Regardless of the genre, Anna appreciates clever writing infused with humor, and seeks stories that keep her on the edge of her seat, whether from despair, horror, adoration, or joy. While embracing both YA and adult fiction, her specific interest lies in the 'new adult' sub-genre, which seamlessly combines plot elements of YA fiction with the maturity of adult storytelling.

Please note that Anna does not represent children's literature, memoir, or poetry.


In her spare time she enjoys going on hot girl walks through the city and complaining about the constant humidity (even though she was raised in the midwest where it is always humid).


Anna is currently busy reading through the recent queries she has received and is not accepting new queries at this moment. Please check back in two weeks time.

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