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Anna Zinchuk


Anna joined the team at DBA in spring of 2022 to assist David Black. She holds a BA degree in Film Studies from the University of Iowa, and prior to joining DBA she worked as a project editor for a college-level publisher.

Like many others, Anna’s love of stories began with bringing home a book fair catalog, and that passion for books eventually led to a passion for writing, which led to a passion for screenwriting/filmmaking, before finally circling back around to books.


In her spare time she enjoys going on hot girl walks through the city and complaining about the constant humidity (even though she was raised in the midwest where it is always humid).


When not doing either of those things, you can probably find her procrastinating on writing the novel she’s promised to finish by the end of the year.

Please note that Anna does not represent clients, and therefore is not accepting queries.

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