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Agents Accepting Queries

Rica Allannic | nonfiction only

Jennifer Herrera | nonfiction only

Mark Tavani | fiction & nontifction

Anna Zinchuk fiction only

Ellen Scott | fiction & nonfiction

At this time, no paper query submissions will be accepted. Any materials sent to us by mail will not be read or returned.


Please review each agent's page to see whether they are accepting queries, and to get a better sense of what kind of material they are looking to represent. Some agents might have more specific instructions for what to submit, but if they do not, then please send a 1-2 page query letter to the email of the specific agent that you would like to query. This letter should describe your book, include information about any previously published works, and describe your intended audience.


Remember that this letter is our introduction to your work and who you are as an author and, if applicable, an expert in your field. If someone kindly referred you to us, please do let us know.

For nonfiction queries, please attach a proposal of your book. For fiction queries, the first several chapters should suffice.

Please only query one agent at a time. Usually, if the agent that you have queried is not interested but thinks that someone else in the agency might be, they will pass your material along.


Helpful reminders:

- Do not forget to include contact information.
- Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for a response, depending on the current volume of submissions, it will likely be longer.
- We do not keep and are not responsible for maintaining records or copies of the queries we receive.

- Please do not accept solicitations from anybody who is claiming to be on our staff but does not have an email address under our domain, Any solicitations that come from a slightly different email address are impersonators. We will never ask our clients or prospective clients to pay a fee to have an agent on our staff represent them.

  • How do I send an author fan-mail?
    We love that you want to send fan-mail, and you can direct the mail to come to our Brooklyn office: David Black Literary Agency 335 Adams St. Suite 2707 Brooklyn, NY 11201 Any fan-mail we receive is scanned and sent to the authors to read (all of whom greatly appreciate and enjoy it!) However, we want to make it clear that while our authors love to hear from the fans, with the amount of mail they receive it is impossible for them to respond to it all. Most of them are busy working on new books for you to love!
  • How do I contact an author?
    While we do not share the personal emails or phone numbers of our clients, we would be happy to pass along any note, comment, or question that you may have. Please email Ellen Scott at or Anna Zinchuk at with a short note that details what you are sending and to whom you are hoping it reaches, along with the note itself. For queries regarding foreign, audio, or film rights: please see our rights page for the proper contact information.
  • I would love to send you a paper copy of my manuscript / printed book. Where should I send it?
    Please do NOT send it. We do not accept paper queries of any kind, seeing as we are only in the office sporadically. Furthermore, many of our agents work remotely, so it is much easier for us to forward them an online query than to send a physical copy. Any paper copies we receive will NOT be reviewed, and we are not responsible for returning material to you.
  • Can I send you a book to be signed by my favorite author?
    As much as we wish our clients came into our office every day to visit, the truth is that many of them are spread throughout the entire country, and they do not have the opportunity to sign books that are sent to us. Therefore, please do NOT send us books to be signed. We are not responsible for returning any mail that comes to our office.
  • Are you currently hiring?
    Any and all job postings, including internship opportunities, can be found on Publisher's Lunch Job Board
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