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Ellen scott


Born and raised in rural Washington, Ellen planned to work with books from a young age. She joined the team at David Black Literary Agency in 2022, prior to which she got her degree in English from The King’s College in New York City. She also held internships at Nouvella Books, The Lotts Agency, and Encounter Books. Ellen enjoys reading poetry, live music, cooking, and going for long walks (which she defines as 20+ blocks) in the city. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband. In addition to managing the agency’s office, Ellen oversees events and speaking engagements for a portion of their clientele.


Ellen is interested in generational, character-driven literary and speculative fiction novels that explore recovery and change through complicated characters. She loves Joan Didion’s memoirs and Zadie Smith’s dialogue. She wishes she’d published TRUST by Hernan Diaz, NEVER LET ME GO by Kazuo Ishiguro, TOMORROW AND TOMORROW AND TOMORROW by Gabrielle Zevin, GILEAD by Marilynne Robinson, HELLO BEAUTIFUL by Ann Napolitano, and ATONEMENT by Ian McEwan. Be sure to query if you’re reimagining or emulating a Greek myth or tragedy in your plot and/or characters. Ellen does not currently represent high fantasy, sci-fi, or middle grade.


When querying nonfiction, please consider sending Ellen proposals that interrogate timely, research-backed ideas. Her topics of interest include religious issues (particularly when relevant to the Christian tradition), Biblical analysis, art criticism, and essays. Recent favorites include MY BODY IS NOT A PRAYER REQUEST by Dr. Amy Kenny, THE EVANGELICAL IMAGINATION by Karen Swallow Prior, PICASSO’S WAR by Hugh Eakin, A SWIM IN A POND IN THE RAIN by George Saunders, THE GREAT SEX RESCUE by Sheila Wray Gregoire, and READING WHILE BLACK by Esau McCaulley. 


In memoir, Ellen is drawn to work that possesses a strong and personal narrative voice, knows exactly what it wants to say, and holds nothing back. She returns frequently to BLUE NIGHTS by Joan Didion, HOW TO STAY MARRIED by Harrison Scott Key, and THE IN-BETWEEN by Hadley Vlahos.


To query for fiction, please send a formal query letter by email and attach a PDF of the first 50 pages of your manuscript. For nonfiction, please send a pitch by way of email and include a writing sample that is similar to what you expect the finished work to look/sound like. An essay will suffice, as will the book proposal or the first 1-2 chapters, if you've already begun writing. If Ellen is interested in your work, she'll be in touch in 4-6 weeks.

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