David black 


David Black is the president of the David Black Agency, specializing in representing a wide array of narrative non-fiction in subjects ranging from sports, business, history, politics, fitness, and memoir to any subject area that might spark a personal passion.


David represents a number of New York Times best selling authors, including journalists, politicians, athletes, chefs, and cookbook writers. Before forming his own agency in 1990, David was an agent at Sanford Greenburger for 5 ½ years. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife, son, and dog

David is not currently accepting unsolicited queries.

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"I Am From Here is as warm and welcoming as a bowl of Sunday ‘Everything’ Dal. Vishwesh Bhatt has written a beautiful, approachable cookbook that blends quintessential Southern ingredients with a decisive and incredibly unique personal perspective."

― Michael Solomonov, chef and co-owner, Zahav

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OCTOBER 4, 2022


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